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News & Events

September 2013

A global medical technology and services company goes live with Phase 2 of their SAP EIC Implementation partnering with EIC Experts.

August 2013

EIC Experts successfully delivers an EIC implementation for a major goverment organization in the southern United States.

March 2013

SAP Receives Double Distinction from Shared Services and Outsourcing Network.

June 2012

EIC Experts kicks off the largest global SAP Shared Service Framework implementation in North America.

February 2012

Major Entertainment company goes live with the worlds largest Global SAP EIC Implementation partnering with EIC Experts.

December 2011

Listen to Jarret Pazahanick discuss the best options for using EIC and shared services for your company

November 2011

Large Law Enforcement agency in the UK goes live with EIC with the help of EIC Experts

November 2011

Shared Services Framework with EHP6 is in Ramp Up Status

September 2011

EIC Experts published their 8th HR Expert Article called ESS Web Requests and EIC

February 2011

Major Pharma company goes live with their Global SAP EIC Implementation with help from our experienced EIC consultants.

January 2011

EIC Experts releases a Podcast about the Employee Interaction Center

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About SSF

The SAP Shared Services Framework (SSF) was delivered with Business Suite 2010 (EHP5) and addresses the key aspects for implementing a successful shared service strategy.

It reduces the time spent per transaction passing the shared service center which in turn reduces the headcount required by reducing the efforts spent on ticket creation, information collection, and navigation to the business object that needs further processing. These three effects can total up to 50% of total time spent per transaction. Some important areas of Shared Services Framework include automation of service delivery, effective communication and efficient service delivery, multifunctional business and reporting and governance.

Captive Shared Services Organizations automate service delivery

The Shared Service Framework will enable companies to transform their Shared Services delivery to a higher level of automation using the rich SAP application portfolio and support service delivery excellence in heterogeneous corporate landscapes.

Effective Communication and Efficient Service Delivery

Self services and the interaction center are uniquely integrated with relevant business applications to reduce the cost per shared service transaction and improve service quality. The Shared Service Framework integrates a communication frontend and relevant applications to support end-to-end service delivery to vendors, suppliers and employees and is designed to be operated in multiple-backend landscapes ensuring the re-use of existing application assets.

Multifunction Shared Services Organizations

The Shared Services Framework brings a single software solution to multiple streams for Shared Services delivery such as Human Capital Management or Finance. These new capabilities lower your process costs by enabling leverage of economics of scale and help to improve the service experience.

Reporting and Governance

Tracking mechanisms enable traffic analysis and data extraction interfaces support KPI-based governance allow companies gain transparency about the performance of shared service organizations and optimization of service quality.

Shared Services Framework

The Shared Service Framework will allow companies to get additional return on investment from your overall SAP investment and provide the following capabilities:

State-of-the Art Shared Services Delivery Platform

  • Architecture enables leveraging economies-of-scale.
  • Automation improves efficiency in administrative processes
  • Shared Service Framework improves service experience

The Ability to Control and Anticipate

  • Supports governance of service provider-consumer relationship.
  • Allows for better decision making based on comprehensive insight.
  • Turns “administration” into service.

Shared Service Automation is a fact

  • One-stop-shop SAP technology to power your SSO.
  • SAP is undisputed leader in Shared Service Automation.
  • We are only at the beginning of the new era of SSO.

Key Benefits

  • Lowers costs for Finance and HCM processes through automation and efficiencies in communications.
  • Leverages economies of scale by enabling harmonized service provision to multiple organizations.
  • Improves stakeholder satisfaction by supporting consistency in execution, easy accessibility and the ability to monitor service quality.

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