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News & Events

September 2013

A global medical technology and services company goes live with Phase 2 of their SAP EIC Implementation partnering with EIC Experts.

August 2013

EIC Experts successfully delivers an EIC implementation for a major goverment organization in the southern United States.

March 2013

SAP Receives Double Distinction from Shared Services and Outsourcing Network.

June 2012

EIC Experts kicks off the largest global SAP Shared Service Framework implementation in North America.

February 2012

Major Entertainment company goes live with the worlds largest Global SAP EIC Implementation partnering with EIC Experts.

December 2011

Listen to Jarret Pazahanick discuss the best options for using EIC and shared services for your company

November 2011

Large Law Enforcement agency in the UK goes live with EIC with the help of EIC Experts

November 2011

Shared Services Framework with EHP6 is in Ramp Up Status

September 2011

EIC Experts published their 8th HR Expert Article called ESS Web Requests and EIC

February 2011

Major Pharma company goes live with their Global SAP EIC Implementation with help from our experienced EIC consultants.

January 2011

EIC Experts releases a Podcast about the Employee Interaction Center

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The Employee Interaction Center (EIC) is a centralized call center application that is a key part of SAPís shared services offering. It delivers employee information to your contact center agents and empowers them to capture the details of an interaction.

SAP supports multiple types of communication channels. Employees can contact the Employee Interaction Center by phone, email, chat or web request.

SAP strategy is to use the ERP Employee Interaction Center solution for customers that are looking to only implement a Human Capital Management shared services center.

You have already chosen SAP Human Capital Management. Implementing the Employee Interaction Center will allow you to get additional ROI for your overall investment with no additional licensing costs.

Integration Options

We are often asked about how the Employee Interaction Center fits into SAPís Shared Service model as well as the integration with Human Capital Management (HCM).

EIC integrates with the following subcomponents of SAP ERP HCM: the employee and manager portals in SAP ERP (formerly called Employee Self-Service and Manager Self-Service [ESS and MSS]), HCM Processes and Forms, and Personnel Administration.

EIC with SAP ERP 6.0 delivers out-of-the-box integration with existing portal roles through self-services. An employee can contact an EIC Agent directly from the employee or manager portals in SAP ERP via a Web request. The employee simply clicks a link and completes a Web-based customizable service form to initiate the request. This will generate an automatic workflow to the EIC Agentís inbox. An agent can also execute and ESS or MSS service on behalf of an employee from the EIC application.

The Employee Interaction Center offers tight integration with HCM Processes and Forms as of EHP2. This allows an EIC agent to trigger or execute an HR process with pre-defined workflows, approval steps, and pre-populated data directly from the EIC application. A common example provided by SAP is the birth of an employeeís child but any process could be incorporated.

The Employee Interaction Center can connect with any HR transaction or Web Application and make it available for agents on the navigation bar. With this functionality, EIC agents can access SAP transactions such as Maintain HR Master Data, an internal website, or a BI query.

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