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News & Events

September 2013

A global medical technology and services company goes live with Phase 2 of their SAP EIC Implementation partnering with EIC Experts.

August 2013

EIC Experts successfully delivers an EIC implementation for a major goverment organization in the southern United States.

March 2013

SAP Receives Double Distinction from Shared Services and Outsourcing Network.

June 2012

EIC Experts kicks off the largest global SAP Shared Service Framework implementation in North America.

February 2012

Major Entertainment company goes live with the worlds largest Global SAP EIC Implementation partnering with EIC Experts.

December 2011

Listen to Jarret Pazahanick discuss the best options for using EIC and shared services for your company

November 2011

Large Law Enforcement agency in the UK goes live with EIC with the help of EIC Experts

November 2011

Shared Services Framework with EHP6 is in Ramp Up Status

September 2011

EIC Experts published their 8th HR Expert Article called ESS Web Requests and EIC

February 2011

Major Pharma company goes live with their Global SAP EIC Implementation with help from our experienced EIC consultants.

January 2011

EIC Experts releases a Podcast about the Employee Interaction Center

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The SAP CRM Employee Interaction Center is an HR Service Center and help desk application. It delivers a cost-effective, service-oriented solution to HR departments and supports HCM customers in executing their Service Delivery and Shared Services Strategy.

The Employee Interaction Center can serve as an integrated HR help desk that unites advanced customer relationship management (CRM) techniques with human resources information – bringing the best of both business practices to an HR help desk. Scripts and alerts guide HR specialists through the most common transactions, such as changing HR master data.

According to a recent report by Gartner, SAP is at the top of the Customer Relationship (CRM) market. You have already chosen SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Human Capital Management (HCM) for your enterprise, implementing the Employee Interaction Center will allow you to get the most out of your overall investment.

Key Functions of CRM-EIC

The SAP CRM EIC focuses on the requirements and expectations of Human Resource departments and their internal or external customers. The following business goals and objectives can be achieved through the implementation of these processes:

Improving Service Delivery

  • Improve service quality through fast resolution of employee requests (solution search, interactive scripting, alerts, contact history)
  • Single point of contact supporting multiple communication channels (telephone, email, letter, fax or chat)
  • Collaborate with business partners
  • Faster access to relevant information
  • Provide a single face to the customers and employees
  • Reduce administration and improve business processes

Improving Customer Service

  • Enable employees to communicate using preferred channel
  • Ensure effective employee customer service through qualified agents
  • Improve employee satisfaction and loyalty through quick, accurate responses to inquiries
  • Support multi-channel interaction

Reducing Operating Costs & Increasing Efficiency

  • Gain higher efficiency and cost transparency through standardization of HR processes and services (service level agreements).
  • Decrease costs of HR service delivery as the solution enables an HR team to provide “employee service” in a quality oriented manner to support their Shared Services strategy.

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